Can a Dog be Put Down for Biting Someone?

Dogs may be our friendly, adorable and clingy friends. Yet, they are still animals that can bite. As a matter of fact, studies show that on a yearly basis, dogs bite about 4.7 million Americans half of whom are children between ages 5 and 9. One out of every five of those bites bring about mild or serious injuries that require medical attention. Children are also more likely to be injured by dog bites than adults. Going through the answers proffered to questions below will broaden your understanding of dog bites:

Can a Dog be Put Down for Biting Someone?

It is possible for a dog to be euthanized for biting someone but it only happens in rare situations. When a dog is euthanized, it’s often because the dog has a track record of aggressive behavior and that he is already a potential danger to everyone. However, it’s important to know that dogs tend to bite in certain situations especially when they are afraid, cornered, endangered, startled or when they feel threatened. Dogs also bite in self-defense or in defense of any member of their pack. For example, a mother dog can resort to biting in order to protect or defend her puppies.

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What Happens after a Dog Bite is reported?

When a dog bite is reported, it can lead to a situation where the dog is declared dangerous or the dog owner is mandated to pay the victim of the bite some damages. When your dog is declared dangerous following the report or petition made by the victim, you might have to strictly restrict your dog’s movement in public or put a signage in your surroundings, warning people of the presence of vicious dogs. Some jurisdictions might even ask you to move the dog out of the place where the bite happened. In a severe situation, your dog might be kept in animal control custody until a decision is made on whether to put him down or give certain directives to the owner.

What to Do With a Dog That Bites Their Owner?

The first thing to do when your dog bites you is to secure and tame him to avoid further problems. You can do this by putting him in a crate, tethering him with a leash or isolating him in a separate room. Having confined him, the next thing to do is to get first aid. It’s important that you check your wound to see if your skin is broken or if there is any puncture. If so, you will have to clean the wound with water and soap and apply a clean bandage to it. In some cases, you might need to see a doctor after a dog bite.

How Many Times Can a Dog bite Before Being Put down?

The “three time strike rule” has been dismissed as a faulty and wrong approach by many vets and dog owners alike. It’s very pertinent to realize that dogs bite for different reasons. They might bite by accident, playfully, out of fear, in self-defense, when threatened or with the intent to hurt. So, based on these different reasons, it will be wrong to assume that a dog that bites many times should be put down. Most times, if your dog bites you, it’s not dangerous or severe. However, when a dog tends to bite aggressively without provocation, the need to take a drastic step becomes very necessary. When you discover that the continued existence of a dog poses threat both to your safety and that of others, putting him down might be the best thing to do.

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Should a Dog Be Put Down For Biting a Child?

You don’t have to put down your pet for biting a child. The dog might mean no harm. Ensure you don’t leave your child alone with your dog. If your dog tends to bite easily, then you have to keep him away from your child. And if you discover that your child fancies dogs, you can get him or her teddy bears. In a situation where your child is bitten by a dog, give him or her adequate medical treatment.

Can a Dog be Put Down for Biting another Dog?

Though it’s true that some dogs have aggressive and domineering inclinations towards other dogs especially if food is involved, putting him down is not the only option. Always be on the guard to mediate when your dog is around other dogs. You might also need the service of a dog trainer or behaviorist to help you in training your dog to be more friendly and docile.

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What to Do if a Dog Bites You and Draws Blood?

Run a clean towel over the wound to stop the bleeding. Then, wash the bite area with soap and water and wrap the wound with a sterile bandage. On a daily basis, apply antibiotic ointment to avoid infection

Do I Need a Tetanus Shot after a Puppy Bite?

If you are bitten by your own dog and the wound is quite big or the bite wound does not heal fast, you may need to opt for stitches or tetanus. So, you will need to go to the hospital for proper examination and treatment. Bear in mind that your dog’s mouth may have some bacteria, making it very necessary for you to seek the help of a doctor. Also, your doctor may give you some antibiotics to stop the wound from worsening.

Where To Surrender You’re Aggressive Dog

You can surrender your dog with aggressive instincts to a shelter for the purpose of rehoming him. You can also take him to a dog trainer/behaviorist for training and reshaping of attitudes. Some dog owners have had to put them down considering the cost of retraining them in “doggy schools” or the stress of rehoming them.

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