Can Dogs Eat Green Apples? With Or Without the Skin and Core?

Apples are great snacks for your dogs. Apples are great carriers of nutrients and contain so many healthy vitamins that your dog wouldn’t want to miss. And by the way, who doesn’t want a chance to feed their canine friends with snacks that aren’t harmful to them? But can dogs eat green apples? Can dogs eat green apple skin and cores? Can apple seeds kill dogs? Can dogs eat dried apple chips? All of these and more are some questions we’d be discussing in this article.

Can dogs eat green apples?

Green apples contain low-calorie, vitamins A and C, dietary fiber and antioxidants, and are safe for dog consumption. Green apples are also great when you’d like to help freshen your dog’s breath and give him better dental hygiene. Generally speaking, apple comes off as one of the best and safest snacks for your dogs.

The little challenge that you might have when it comes to feeding green apples to your dog is that green apples are sourer than red apples. So while red apples are very easy and fun to chew for dogs, some dogs are sometimes not as interested in green apples. A way around this is to look for varieties like Granny Smith apples that are generally crisp, or Golden Delicious apples (which aren’t all that green but are sweeter).

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Can dogs eat green apples with skin?

Dogs can safely consume apples with skin as long it’s fed to them in moderation, and corresponding to the health and age of the dog. Older dogs have a lesser need for apple skins when compared to younger, more active dogs. According to the Department of Agriculture, the apple skin contains more nutrients than you’d find on the rest of the apple, there are higher percentages of fiber, potassium, and other nutrients in these skins.

Other benefits of green apple skin for dogs is the phytonutrients that are contained in them. These nutrients are recommended because of their cancer-fighting properties. Green apple skins are low-calorie, which makes them healthy feeds when compared to the other high-fat snacks sold on the market for dogs.

So, yes, dogs can eat green apple skin because of the nutrients that are contained in these. A word of caution, though, is that it should be fed in moderation. The older the dog, the lesser the need for these snacks, while the younger and more active, the more the need for these snacks.

Can dogs eat green apple core?

Apple cores contain small amounts of cyanide, and they pose a choking hazard to your dogs, especially the smaller ones. While the cyanide in apples isn’t the problem as dogs can get away with eating small amounts, the fact that your dog can choke on an apple core is one reason to not feed it to them. The only way around this is to feed them cores that have been chopped or crushed into bits, removing any health hazards.

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Can dogs eat apple seeds?

In small amounts, apple seeds don’t pose a risk to your dogs. The threshold or overdose for dogs is around 1600 seeds, the equivalent of seeds you’ll find in 200 apples. Since the cyanide contained in apple seeds metabolizes in around 30 minutes, you can assume that you’re safe to give apple seeds to your dogs unless you’re planning on feeding them 1600 apple seeds in less than one hour.

Can apple seeds kill dogs?

Consuming excess amounts of apple seeds and getting cyanide poisoning can result in symptoms such as dilated pupils, shock, bright red gums, difficulty breathing, and in some cases, death. Whenever you suspect that your dog has cyanide poisoning as a result of consuming large amounts of apple seeds, we recommend that you call your vet as soon as possible.

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Can dogs eat green apples with peanut butter?

When in moderation, dogs can safely consume green apples and peanut butter. There are two things to be careful of, though; the danger of your dog choking on apple cores and the fact that some peanut butter contains Xylitol, a very toxic agent. So as long as you’re sure your dog isn’t at risk of any of these two, you should be fine with feeding green apples with peanut butter to them.

Can small dogs like Yorkies eat green apples?

Small dogs can safely consume green apples, and they should be just fine afterward. Since green apples are low-calorie snacks, and most small pets, including Yorkies can safely consume them.

Can dogs eat dried apple chips?

Dogs can eat dried apple chips in very small quantities and would be safe. Since you don’t have control over the ingredients and processes used in the production of over-the-counter dried apple chips, we recommend only giving them in moderation to dogs. You could try your hands with a pup-friendly homemade option that should be safe for dog consumption in more quantities.

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How many apples can a dog eat?

Dogs should be okay with eating a slice or two, as apples are supposed to provide only 10 percent of the total calories your dog consumes every day. But in general, apples have no side effects, so you have a bit of freedom here. Just speak with your vet to know if your dog has any dietary restrictions and get advice on what is okay.

Can dogs eat Granny Smith apples?

Dogs can safely consume Granny Smith apples and most other varieties of apples. The rule of thumb is that these be given in moderation to dogs, and be chopped into small, easy to chew and swallow chunks.