Can Dogs Eat Popcorn Chicken, Smartfood Popcorn, And Caramel Popcorn?

Chicken is easily one of the best foods to feed dogs, and that is because [especially when fed uncooked] chicken contains nutrients and vitamins that dogs need to grow and become stronger. But can dogs eat popcorn chicken? What about other popcorns like Smartfood and caramel popcorn? Can dogs eat them and not fall sick? These questions and some others we’ll be discussing in this article.

Can dogs eat popcorn chicken?

Dogs can safely consume popcorn chicken in small bits and in spaced intervals. While popcorn chicken is made from 100 percent chicken breast meat and is marinated and breaded, making it a flavorful, fun crunch, we should remember that it contains a calorie count that is simply scary. For larger dogs, consumption of popcorn chicken in smaller quantities would probably not be as scary as having small to medium-sized dogs consume them on a regular.

If you’re preparing a pup-friendly popcorn chicken at home, your dogs should be able to eat this safely. The popcorn chicken sold at eateries like KFC might have ingredients and spices that while safe for human consumption might be dangerous for dog consumption.

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Can puppies eat popcorn?

When the popcorn is air-popped and plain, it’s relatively safe to be consumed by your puppies in small quantities. Others that have toppings like butter and caramel might not be safe for your puppies as they sometimes contain ingredients that are unsafe for puppy consumption considering their size.

Can dogs eat KFC popcorn chicken?

You shouldn’t feed KFC popcorn chicken to your pets, and when you do, it should be limited to a few pieces, and it shouldn’t be a staple in their diet. Most dogs just can’t take the calorie count on KFC popcorn chicken and many others that are not pup-friendly. KFC popcorn chicken in particular has around 71 percent more calories than should be consumed by your dog daily. That is not considering the ingredients, spices, and processes used in its preparation.

Can dogs eat Smartfood popcorn?

Dogs shouldn’t be fed Smartfood popcorn as a regular in their diets. Smartfood popcorns are oil-popped, and they have a calorie number that is way above what is recommended for your dogs. Ingredients and the processes in which they’re prepared might not be the best for the health of your dog. In case you do decide to give it to your dog, limit the serving to a few pieces and you shouldn’t do it often.

Can dogs eat Smartfood white cheddar popcorn?

Smartfood white cheddar popcorn shouldn’t be consumed by dogs, and when you do give them, ensure it’s in the smallest quantities imaginable. Three cups of Smartfood white cheddar popcorn comes with a lot more ingredients, many of which shouldn’t be consumed by dogs, or at least in large amounts.

Can dogs eat caramel popcorn?

Dogs shouldn’t be given caramel popcorn, but when you do, it shouldn’t be a staple in their diet. Popcorns, especially those with toppings have ingredients and production processes that are not safe for dogs. These often cause pain and digestive problems when consumed in excess, so we wouldn’t recommend that you feed them to your dogs, and when you do, limit it to a few pieces.

My dog ate popcorn will he be OK?

When popcorn (whether popcorn chicken, Smartfood popcorn, or even KFC popcorn chicken) is fed to dogs, the answer to if they will be OK is heavily dependent on the quantity of popcorn they have consumed and the size of the dog. Larger dogs can get away with consuming a larger amount of popcorn, something that smaller dogs would easily fall sick for doing.

So monitor your pet, take note of his behavior, and if you notice anything strange, don’t hesitate to contact the vet. There shouldn’t be any serious health issues as a result, so just monitor how they react, and yes, your dog will be OK.

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