How to Euthanize a Dog with Over-the-Counter Drugs

Over-the-counter drugs are widely used human medicines such as pain relievers, cold &c cough medicines, eye drops, nasal sprays, allergy medications, gastrointestinal medications, and the like. Some of these drugs like Benadryl (Diphenylamine), Claritin (Loratadine), Dramamine, Zyrtec (cetirizine), Pepto-Bismol, and Imodium are considered highly useful for dogs in certain situations. The use of over-the-counter drugs to put down a dog is a common practice among pet owners. This article gives a detailed procedure for putting down dogs with over-the-counter drugs.

How to Euthanize a Dog with Over-the-Counter Drugs

Over-the-counter meds like Benadryl (Diphenylamine), and Tylenol PM are widely used by pet owners as a more affordable alternative to the veterinary method of euthanasia. Many pet owners use the aforementioned drugs to euthanize dogs with incurable diseases or behavioral problems. Euthanizing a dog with over-the-counter drugs is carried out in the comfort of pet owners’ houses.

First, create a comfortable place for your dog and get him relaxed there. It’s best to mix the over-the-counter drugs with his diet. You should ensure that you break the tablets into tiny pieces. This way, your dog will eat his food without an idea of the poison in it. Not too long after, your dog will lapse into a coma and his breathing will slowly come to a stop.

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Is There Any Way to Humanely Euthanize a Dog at Home?

Putting down dogs with over-the-counter drugs is not the only option out there. These human meds inflict more pain and anguish on your dogs in their last moments. Your dog doesn’t have to exit life in such a cruel manner. In fact, in some countries, putting down your dog with sleeping pills is classed as animal cruelty, an act punishable under the law. The most humane way to euthanize your dog is to give him sedatives to calm his muscles and give him pentobarbital a seizure medication through an IV injection. This makes him unconscious instantly and stops his breathing within two minutes.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Dog Put Down?

The cost of putting down a dog varies depending on the type of option you want. The veterinary method is not cheap at all. However, it’s more professional, efficient, and humane than all other options. Vets usually charge fees for euthanasia, between $150 and $300. If you can’t afford vet fees, it’s advisable to consult local humane societies or animal shelters. They put down dogs at a discount, which is fair enough for the average pet owner. Their price range is $40-$100. These organizations provide services like private or communal cremation for your dog. At-home euthanasia will only cost you a few dollars to get over-the-counter drugs.

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What Human Drugs Will Kill a Dog?

Some over-the-counter drugs are indeed safe for your dog to take based on your vet’s prescription. However, there are many drugs sold over the counter that are potential killers of dogs. Avoid giving them these drugs and keep them out of the reach of your dog. Of course, these drugs can be used for euthanizing terminally ill dogs. These drugs include Antihistamines, paracetamols, Ibuprofens and aspirin, opiate pain-killers, human- strength Glucosamine joint supplements, and Psoriasis Creams (containing vitamin D). Don’t ever give these drugs to your dog unless you’re specifically instructed by a vet to do so.

Can You Kill Your Dog With Benadryl Diphenylamine?

Antihistamines such as diphenhydramine (Benedryl) are generally considered safe for your pet only when used in the right dosage. However, an overdose is capable of killing your dog and causing certain medical complications that might be very severe and difficult to treat. Keep this drug away from the reach of your dog. If you notice that your dog has taken Benadryl in large doses and has started vomiting or passing stool, take him to a vet for medical treatment.

What Can I Use to Sedate My Dog?

There are many injectable sedatives you can give your dog to calm his anxiety or get him relaxed for other treatments. They include cepromazine, diazepam, butorphanol, and Telazol. There are natural sedatives for dogs such as Rescue Remedy. They are typically made from herb and flower extracts such as chamomile and lavender. Calming products and Pheromones are also natural methods to calm your anxious dog.

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My Dog is Dying and I Can’t Afford a Vet, What Are My Options?

Animal control agents and law enforcement agents can put down your dog for free though they might ask you to bring certain documents like proof of income. You can also take your dog to pet clinics to be used for research and testing. Local human societies euthanize dogs at discounted rates.

Where to Euthanize a Dog for Free?

You can take your dog to animal control agents’ office around you to help gun him down. Most times, they do it for free especially if your dog is declared, “Vicious Dog”. Also, there are low-cost end-of-life services out there for your pet such as private cremation, communal cremation, etc. Some of the providers of these services include Human societies and Animal Shelters. To access the service, you might be asked to bring proof of income. Most of these organizations, like Connecticut’s Humane Society, Maryland SCPA, and Anti-cruelty charge between $40 and $125.

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