Should I Wipe a Dog’s Bottom?

One of the most challenging parts of owning a pet is having to clean his bum when a poop sticks to his bum after defecating. You don’t always have to clean his behind after excretion. But if you own a French bulldog that cannot reach his rear or a dog with diarrhea, you will have to clean his bottom from time to time. In this step-by-step guide, I will show you how to clean or wipe your dog’s bum to become as clean and hygienic as possible.

Should I Wipe a Dog’s Bottom?

Sometimes you might have to wipe your dog’s bottom when your dog is very sick or messy. If you have a French bulldog that cannot reach his rear end to clean himself or lick poop, you will have to clean the bum. In a situation where a stubborn poop sticks to your dog’s bum after defecating, he will need your help to have it removed. You don’t always have to wipe your dog’s bum because he can wipe his bum on the ground to clean himself.

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Can I Use Baby Wipes on My Dogs Bum?

You can use baby wipes to clean your dog’s bum as long as they are natural baby wipes that have no fragrances or chemicals in them. Don’t press it too hard on your dog. Gently but firmly scrub their bum with it. Due to some reasons, some dogs might not able to clean their own bum, so dog owners will have to help them. A notable example is French bulldogs that cannot get to their own rear on their own.

Do I Need To Wipe My Dog After Peeing?

You might need to wipe your dog after peeing if he’s very sick and unable to move around and scoot his bum across the ground to clean himself. The perfect way to wipe your dog’s bum after peeing is to blot the fresh pee immediately. Waiting for some time might leave smell or stain on him. Reach out for a damp cloth and blot the pee as soon as your dog is done peeing. Another simple process is to have a cloth soaked in a soapy warm water. Gently scrub the area with the cloth.

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How to Clean a Dog’s Bottom?

Get everything you need for the cleaning process ready. You need lukewarm water, washcloth, round-tip scissors, dog shampoo, rubber or latex gloves. Take your dog to the bathroom and make him comfortable. You can pet him a bit and give a treat to calm him down. These are step-by-step guide to perfectly clean your dog’s butt.

  • Use the washcloth to scrub the region around the bum
  • Wear a pair of latex or rubber gloves
  • Pour some shampoo in lukewarm water to make soapy water and dip the washcloth in it
  • In a gentle but firm manner, wipe the area around your dog’s buttocks with the washcloth
  • Don’t stop scrubbing until you succeed in getting rid of all the fecal matter sticking to your dog’s bum
  • You can also use dog wipes for your dog If you don’t have a washcloth or soapy water
  • After removing all the poop, give your dog a bath. Ensure you use a dog shampoo and calmly massage your dog’s coat with it and wipe off excess water with a dry towel

More importantly, use a shampoo that’s specifically made for dogs. Human shampoo can trigger irritation in your dog because it contains harmful ingredients. Use scissors to remove stubborn poop sticking to your dog’s bum.

Do I Have To Wipe my French Bulldogs’ Bum

You will have to wipe your French bulldogs’ bum sometimes. Occasionally, there will be a little poop sticking to their bum after defecating. If left there, it might smell. You might use baby wipe to clean the bum provided it’s a natural one without chemical in it.

Why Do Dogs Wipe Their Bum on the Ground?

Dogs wipe or scoot their bums across the floor to have themselves clean from fecal matter. A dog’s bum has anal glands that produce clingy secretions. These secretions, sometimes, are thick and can trigger irritation in your dog’s bum. So, in the bid to be relieved from the irritation, your dog might scoot his behind on the floor. Another reason why your dog wipes his bottom across the ground may be due to tapeworms. If you notice tapeworms, take your dog to the vet. When poop gets stuck to a dog’s coat, causing irritation and poor hygiene, you might to wipe his bum yourself.


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