Why Does My Dog sit on me and Lick My Face?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is my dog sitting on me rather than next to me?” Your dog sits on you or licks your face for a variety of reasons which can be good or not so good. So, it’s important to know why your dog won’t stop sitting on you and when to encourage or discourage him from sitting on you. This article will show you why and what you can do about your dog sitting on you.

Why Does My Dog Sit On Me?

Your dog might sit on you because he wants your attention. Dogs snuggle up to their owners so that they could cuddle and pet them. Dogs generally love and seek attention. Boredom might be a reason why your dog sits on you. If your dog is not getting enough exercise, play and training for his kind of breed, he might get bored and resort to sitting on you.

To stop your dog from sitting on you, give him things like chew toys, bones and stuffed animals to keep him busy. Separation anxiety might be another reason why your dog won’t stop sitting on you. He doesn’t like being left all alone. If your dog does not have the company of other dogs, he will turn to you for cuddling and petting as a member of his pack.

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How to Get Your Dog to Stop Sitting on You?

The best thing to do is to train your dog to lie or sit on the floor while you are seated alone. Intentionally make him stay on the floor for long. Always command and motion to your dog to stay on the floor, giving him what to play with like toys, bones etc.

Gradually, he will adapt to the new rules. Since your dog might sit on you because he wants your attention, you can do other things that allows you spend time with him attention like exercise, training and play. Alternatively, create a comfy area for your dog to stay and hang out. In this area, lay out a dog bed, put a fluffy blanket and some of his favorite toys.

Why Does My Dog Sit Between My Legs?

Your dog sits between your legs mostly because of warmth, scents and bodily contact. These keep him warm, comfortable and happy. Your dog might sit between your legs because of prospects of getting cuddles and pets from you or sharing foods with you. Also, he might just love being around you.

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Why Does My Dog Sit on My Head?

For most dogs, sitting on their owners’ head while they are together on the bed or elsewhere is a learned behavior. It’s very common among puppies. You might have been inadvertently training your dog to sit on your head. It’s something he is doing over and over again without your resistance and aggression.

As your dog tries this repeatedly, it becomes an ingrained habit which might require some time and training for him to change. Since dogs communicate what they want or how they feel through their body languages or actions, your dog might be trying to convey a message to you.

Why Does my Dog Stand On Me and Lick My Face?

Dogs are very happy to see their owners coming back home. Sometimes, your dog might show his excitement at your return by licking your face when you cuddle or pet him. It’s a sign of affection and love. Face licking is also a canine form of greeting. Unlike human beings who use handshakes, words, waves or hugs to welcome one another, dogs use their tongues to lick your face or other parts of your body they can.

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This is because his tongue is the only part of his body he can move that much. Studies also show that dogs like taste of people sweats in their mouth. Your sweat is quite salty. Your dog may like licking your face because, to him, your face tastes so good.

Why Does My Dog Sit on My Clothes

One of the amazing things about dogs is their keen sense of smell and their ability to remember it, especially their owners’ scents. Since your clothes can retain your smell, your dog will like to stay on it especially when you are not around. You will find your dog rolling on your bed or sitting on your clothes particularly if they smell strongly of you. Your pile of clothes also offer your dog warmth and comfort.

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