Why is My French Bulldog so Clingy?

French Bulldogs are some of the most loving, playful, and affectionate dog breeds out there. They love attention and will always look for a way to get it. Frenchies are friendly and lively, making them some of the best companion dogs in the world. Are you wondering why your Frenchie loves staying around you, sharing a couch or bed with you, watching TV with you, or going on a walk or trip with you? In this article, you will not only learn why your French bulldog is so clingy but also learn how to stop him from being so clingy and the pros and cons of owning a French Bulldog.

Why is My French Bulldog so clingy?

Your French Bulldog is clingy because of his special affection for you. French bulldogs are not subtle with their love for their owners. Another reason is that he doesn’t like to be left alone. Your French bulldog is prone to separation anxiety when left alone for an extensive period. He also loves to share a bed or couch with you because of the warmth and comfort it offers them. Also, the prospect of pets and cuddles won’t allow him to be far from you. Your Frenchie is at his best self when he’s in your cozy arms. You might have inadvertently trained him to be so clingy. If you don’t train your dog from childhood to sleep in his crate or hang around in his doghouse, he will grow up following you wherever you go, even to the toilet.

How to Stop My Frenchie from Being Clingy

Giving your Frenchie chew toys, bones, or teddy bears to play with will keep him busy while you are going about doing your stuff. Make his crate or dog bed as warm, fluffy, and comfortable as your bed and get him to stay there not minding his whining, crying, or pleading looks. With time, he is going to get used to it. Feed him healthy foods regularly so he won’t be looking pleadingly and hungrily at you when you’re eating things. Sometimes, you have to be a bit harsh to him. Completely ignore him when he’s making certain requests to you. Don’t give in when he’s begging for food. Allow him to hang out with other dogs in your vicinity. But keep a watchful eye on him just to ensure that he is not hurt by older and bigger dogs.

Why do French Bulldogs Cry so Much?

Beneath their cute appearance and friendly disposition is their tendency to cry. Since dogs communicate their desires, needs, or problems with their body language, sounds, and actions, French bulldogs might cry or whine to convey a message to their owners. French Bulldogs also cry when they in pain and discomfort. So, their excessive crying might be a sign of serious health problems. As a Frenchie owner, you have to be very sensitive. Frenchbogs can cry because they are left to sit at home all alone for a long period.

Why Do Some French Bulldogs Shed a Lot of Hair?

French bulldogs shed a lot. Some Frenchies shed more than others depending on certain factors. Excessive shedding in French Bulldogs can stem from many factors like allergies, poor nutrition, stress, or serious medical issues. Signs of excessive shedding in French bulldogs are open sores, bald spots, thinning of coats, skin irritation, scratching, dull or dry hair, frequent face rubbing, or foot licking.

Once you begin to notice these, it means you have to take decisive steps to de-shed your dog. There are effective ways to do this. Avoid feeding your dog unhealthy, cheap foods that are low in protein and other essential nutrients. Foods full of additives can also cause a lot of hair shedding. Provide your dog with proper skincare. Regularly bath him with a good shampoo. Use de-shedding tools like Furminator to brush his coats. Increase his intake of water and rule out foods he is allergic to from his diet.

Why Do French Bulldogs Rub Themselves?

French Bulldogs are fond of rubbing themselves against things or their owners. Generally, French bulldogs rub themselves because of their inability to get to certain places on their body like bums, ears, and private parts. Frenchies also rub themselves with their paws to clean certain areas. They might also rub themselves on the floor or against things to react to discomfort or itches on their body. They also do this when they have an infection or UTI. During masturbation, dogs also rub themselves against things.

Why Do French Bulldogs Bark a Lot?

French Bulldogs bark when another dog or animal tries to invade or occupy their territory. They bark as a message to the other dog to stay off. They also bark when they are threatened, distressed, cornered, or startled. Frenchies bark to raise alarm at the presence of an unfamiliar person. When another dog or animal tries to take their food or toys, they will bark to show their displeasure or anger.

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