Can a Spayed Female Dog Still Attract Males?

When you get your female dog spayed, you might be tempted to think that she will no longer be attractive to male dogs around her. Studies show that spayed female dogs can still emit hormones that attract male dogs. This article explains more about the triggers of male dogs’ attraction to spayed female dogs and how to handle them.

Can a Spayed Female Dog Still Attract Males?

A spayed female dog can still attract males as can still generate hormones that attract male dogs. Also, your spayed female dog can attract a male dog owing to a medical condition that makes your dog produce a scent that is just like that of a dog in heat. They include cervix infections, vulva infections, bladder infections, vaginitis, or unexpressed anal sacs. Although this is rare, a dog’s spay surgery can leave some tissue remnants that continue to produce hormones that attract male dogs.

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Can a Spayed female Dog Get pregnant?

It is very unlikely that a spayed dog gets pregnant, so mating is an exercise in futility. Spay surgery involves the removal of both the uterus and the ovaries. It is also known as getting your dog “fixed.” Spaying also lowers the risk of certain sicknesses like mammary gland cancer and pyometra (an infection of the uterus).

Symptoms of a Spayed Dog in Heat

The most apparent clinical indicator of ovarian remnant surgery is when a spayed dog goes into heat. This can occur at any moment after spay surgery. The most visible symptoms of a spayed dog in heat are blood-tinged vaginal discharge and swelling of the vulva. Other signs of a spayed dog in heat include behavioral changes, standing to be mounted by a male dog, and lifting the tail (flagging). Once your spayed dog starts to exhibit these signs, take him to your vet for treatment.

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Why Do Female Dogs Smell After Being Spayed?

After a female dog is spayed, there is a bloody vaginal discharge that smells. Sometimes, strong smells can be caused by underlying medical conditions like bacterial infections or urinary infection. If this persists for some time, check with your vet for his professional advice. Some tissues that remain after a spray surgery can also cause these smells.

Why Do Girl Dogs Hump After Being Spayed?

 After being spayed, a girl dog might start to hump or mount things. Humping for spayed female dogs might be a response to arousal. This humping can also be a sign of underlying issues you may need to pay attention to as a pet owner. For example, when a spayed female dog that has been lying down begins to hump on things, it might mean she is bored and that she wants more playtime.

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Again, when she humps, it could be that she is trying to ease off an itch. She might be having urinary tract infections and skin allergies. If you notice that a strayed female dog is always licking her genitals as well as humping, you may visit your vet. Your female dog might also hump when trying to relieve stress and anxiety.

 Why Your Spayed Female Dog could be bleeding from Private Area

One of the common reasons why a female dog is bleeding from her private parts is that she is in heat. If your spayed dog is bleeding through the vulva, she might be suffering from an infection in the uterus called a pyometra. This infection is visible in two forms: closed neck pyometra or open neck pyometra. Pregnancy may also be the cause of the emission of blood through the vulva. However, mild bleeding from her private part followed by mucus and flow may be a sign that the time of delivery is imminent. Your female dog’s private area might start to bleed if they frequently hump against hard surfaces.

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