Does A Father Dog Know His Puppies and Why Do They Growl At Them?

It is very unlikely for father dogs to know their puppies. This is partly because most father dogs don’t stay around their puppies long enough to have their memories imprinted in them. Father dogs are just aware that a new set of puppies are in the house.  This article will tell you different behaviors adult male dogs exhibit towards puppies and how to handle them as dog owners.

Does a Father Dog Know His Puppies?

It’s unlikely that a father dog will know his puppies, especially in their first few days. A father dog is just aware that there is a new litter of puppies in the house. Since he’s not present at the birthing environment, there is very little likelihood that he can recognize his puppies. Because of his domineering instincts, a father dog will take charge of all puppies around him. A father dog will play with puppies, hang out with them and even bark at them. If a father dog stays around their puppies long enough, he might recognize them later in life through their scents. 

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Do Female Dogs Know Their Puppies?

If puppies stay with a mother dog for a long time, memory is imprinted and she will recognize them as her own later in life. Dogs’ memory is not as acute as that of human beings. Sometimes, they need scents which they are continually exposed to in the past to remember or recognize certain things. Generally, female dogs instinctively protect and take care of all puppies around them. They assume all puppies within their reach belong to them.

Should the Male Dog Stay Away From Puppies?

Father dogs can be very playful and aggressive and this could be dangerous to puppies that can hardly move in the first few months after birth. These male dogs can even bark or growl at them. Adult male dogs don’t have the same protective and caring instincts as female dogs do. Mother dogs make sure that puppies are fine, well-fed, and protected. So, it’s advisable to keep the male dog away from puppies especially during their first 15 days. However, puppies need older male dogs to train them on how to behave in the canine world. Adult male dogs help to socialize puppies and teach them vital survival skills.

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Why Do Father Dogs Attack Their Puppies?

The fact that father dogs don’t have the same parenting and protective instincts as female dogs do not mean they are always aggressive towards puppies. Male dogs usually play with the puppies, introduce them to a new environment, and help them through the socialization process. But occasionally, father dogs can attack their puppies. Father dogs might attack their puppies when they perceive the puppies are taking all of the female dog’s attention, preventing them from mating with them. Most times, the attack is not serious. It’s just a deep bark at the puppies.

Why Do Father Dogs Growl at Their Puppies?

At some point, some father dogs become grumpy bullies, displaying aggressive behavior when puppies are around. When father dogs start to growl at their puppies, it means they don’t like them or they hate the fact that puppies are potential threats to them. When your father dog growls at his puppies, scold him strongly and take him away from the scene. Once you notice an adult male dog is bullying puppies, it’s best to keep him away from them. 

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Why Do Father Dogs Kill Their Puppies?

If your male dogs are kept in uncomfortable crates and are not able to feed well enough, the male dogs might kill the puppies to eliminate future competition for space and food that they feel are meant for them. But if male dogs are properly cared for, regularly fed, and closely monitored, the killing will not happen. Male dogs can kill puppies by accident when playing though.

Do Dogs Recognize Their Parents after Years

Experts posit that puppies can recognize their mothers by her scents after 1-2 years of separation. Other studies revealed that dogs can recognize their mothers’ scents after 6 years, and, possibly, as long as 10 years after separation.

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