How Do English Bulldogs Show Affection? Surprising Ways

English Bulldogs are medium-sized, muscular dogs with wrinkled faces. They don’t hide their affection for anyone. They are outwardly affectionate, calm, and confident. If they like someone, they will definitely express it. If you have been around your bulldog for a long time, you will get to understand his unique ways of showing his love for you. In this article, you are going to learn some of the common ways English Bulldogs express their affection for people, especially their owners. 

How Do English Bulldogs Show Affection? (Surprising Ways)

  • They are always super excited to see you especially if you just arrive home. They will jump up at you with their mouths open and tongues sticking out loosely, trying hard to get your attention to cuddle and play with them. This shows that they love you being around you.
  • Another way your dog expresses his affection for you is to snuggle up to you. He will always lean his body against you, seeking your cuddles or pets. When your English bulldog feels very relaxed around you, he can even fall asleep on your body.
  • Also, when your English bulldog loves to share a bed with you at night, it’s a sign that he has affection for you. Wanting to spend the night with you means he feels safe, comfortable, and warm around you.

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How Do English Bulldogs Show Affection? (Lesser-Known Ways)

A bulldog that loves you will always wear a smiling face around you. For an English bulldog, a smiling face means that his mouth is left open with a few teeth and his tongue sticking out loosely. He will have a smooth brow with rounded and large eyes.

Studies also show that your English bulldog’s way of showing he loves you is by constantly stealing your stuff. So, when you find your dog moving around with some of your things in his mouth, don’t be too hard on him. He knows they belong to you because the items may have your scent on them.

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How Do You Tell If Your Bulldog Loves You?

English bulldogs aren’t subtle when it comes to showing their love for you. If your English bulldog always seeks to lie on you, jump up at you excitedly or even try to get pets and cuddles from you, it shows your dog loves you dearly. Another way to tell if your bulldog loves you is that your dog enjoys checking in on you every time and sharing the same bed or couch with you. Your dog might even drift off to sleep, leaning, or resting on you. All English bulldogs have their ways of expressing affection that is unique to them. As you stay around him for a while, you will get to know those little quirks.

Do English Bulldogs Get Attached?

English bulldogs get very attached to their owners. They enjoy moving around with their owners and staying so close to them like shadows. Bulldogs can even pop into their owners’ room from time to time to see if they are still there and that they are Ok. This explains why people find it difficult to drive them away or confine them to their doghouses. They enjoy the company of humans more than that of other dogs.

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Are English bulldogs Protective of Their Owners?

English bulldogs are very protective of their owners. Of all dog breeds, English bulldogs are reputed to be the most loyal dogs you can ever have. English bulldogs are very confident and strong. This can be clearly seen through their muscular bodies and stout. Don’t underestimate their smallness. If your English bulldog is raised and trained well, he can watch over your family to some extent. Your bulldog’s fierce look alone can instill fear into any intruder.

Do English Bulldogs Like to Cuddle?

English bulldogs really love to cuddle their owners. They seek physical contact from their owners, leaning on them or resting their bodies against them. English bulldogs also love the scents of their owners. They enjoy the cuddles and pets they receive from their owners. English bulldogs get more relaxed, comfortable, and warm around their owners.

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