Why Does My French Bulldog Sleep So Much?

The French bulldog is a breed of domestic dog with a friendly and calm temperament, making him a perfect option for domestic breeding and companionship. However, French bulldogs are naturally avid sleepers. On average, a French bulldog sleeps for 12-14 hours. They spend 50-60 percent of their day sleeping. So, let us move on to discuss how French bulldogs’ unusual sleeping pattern and habit affects their quality of life.

Why Does My French Bulldog Sleep So Much?

It is natural and normal for your French bulldog to sleep for hours, especially puppies. Most adult French bulldogs sleep 12-14 hours per day. But French bulldog puppies sleep for 18-20 hours a day. When French bulldogs are young, they tend to sleep more. This is because their growth is similar to that of human babies. Inadequate sleep can take a heavy toll on their health, attitude, and temperament. For older ones, they sleep more because their bodies aren’t as agile as before. Though French bulldogs are ardent sleepers, they can wake up easily at a sudden sound or movement.

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When Do French Bulldogs Sleep Through the Night?

When your French bulldog puppy is about 3-4 months old, he will sleep all through the night. Just like babies, French bulldog puppies will sleep for many more hours. They are hardly active at night except when you forcefully rouse them from sleep. A new Frenchie owner will express much concern over his bulldog’s long hours of sleep especially if he is not fully aware of French bulldogs’ normal sleeping pattern. He might even begin to think his Frenchie has fallen sick. There is nothing to worry about. It’s normal for your French bulldog puppy to sleep all night long.

How Long Do French Bulldog Puppies Sleep at Night?

On average, French Bulldog Puppies sleep for 4-5 hours at night. They might wake up intermittently during the night. They sleep more and have less active periods. During the day, they have short periods of activity in which they eat, play around, snuggle up to their owners, etc. French bulldog puppies’ sleeping pattern is slightly different from that of adult French bulldogs. French bulldogs between 8 and 12 weeks old can sleep as long as 18 hours a day. On average, older ones sleep for 12-14 hours.

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French bulldog Sleeping Positions

French bulldogs often sleep on their back, especially in a warm and comfortable place. Sleeping with an open tummy makes it easier for heat to escape. This helps to keep him cool and happy. When your dog sleeps on his back, it means he is very comfortable and is having a wonderful sleep. So, there is no cause for worry. Another sleeping position common among French bulldogs is sleeping on their side. This type of position is also safe and comfortable.

Here, the French bulldog sleeps in such a way that leaves important organs exposed. This position also leaves their limbs free to move during rest. Curling up is another common sleeping position among dogs. This position protects sensitive organs, brings warmth, and makes it easy to get up faster. However, this position does not allow movement during sleep. So, you may see little or no twitching from a dog who curls up in a ball. A French bulldog can also sprawl out on his stomach. This position is also called, “superman position”.

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Where Do French Bulldogs like to Sleep at Night?

Your French bulldog puppies will love to stay in the puppy bed. But as he grows, you might want to get a larger crate or cushion. Your old French bulldog might find a small, stuffy crate uncomfortable. Your Frenchie will want the warmth and comfort that your bed offers. But before you bring your dog to your bed, it is important to consider things like loud snoring, offensive fart smells, massive shedding of hairs on your bed, and so on. It’s actually up to you to decide whether to allow your dog to sleep with you or not. Dogs that are well trained from childhood can stay alone in their crates.

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