How Long Does a Dog Need to Wear a Cone After Being Spayed?

After being spayed, your dog needs to wear a cone for 10-14 days to prevent him from scratching, licking, or chewing the wound region or the incision site. At first, your dog will find the idea of wearing a cone strange and will try to remove it. But after some point, he will get accustomed to wearing it. As the wound heals and the furs begin to grow back, the wound spot gets itchy for him. So, your dog reacts to this itchiness by licking or chewing the wound area. Everything you need to know about keeping a cone on a dog after being spayed is discussed in this article.

How long does a Dog Need to Wear a Cone after Being Spayed?

After a spay surgery, your dog must wear a cone for a minimum of 10 days. When the cone is taken off too quickly, the dog will scratch, lick or chew his wound or incision site. As the wound heals, your dog becomes uncomfortable, always feeling like itching and scratching the wound to be relieved. Tampering with the wound site when it’s not completely healed could lead to prolonged treatment, delayed healing, and other problems.

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How Long After Being Spayed Can My Dog Jump?

Don’t allow your dog to be involved in any activity like jumping, running, and mingling with other pets for at least 10-14 days after being spayed. You shouldn’t even allow your dog to hang around other dogs or children at all during the first three days after being spayed. This is because your naive children might tamper with the wound region or remove the cone or rip off the stitches. While restriction goes on, keep your dog indoors and monitored to make it possible for the incision site to heal quickly.

How long does it take for a Dog to Recover from Being Spayed?

Typically, it takes about 10–14 days for a dog to fully recover from being spayed. Most neuter skin/spay incisions get healed within the space of 2 weeks. At this point, staples or stitches can also be removed. This means that your dog can return to his normal life, jumping, running, biting chew toys, playing wildly, and hanging out with other pets. By this time, the need for a cone is irrelevant. More importantly, don’t bath your dog until their staples or stitches have been removed and your vet has specifically instructed you to do so.

Why Dogs Start Scratching Their Belly After Being Spayed?

After being spayed, your dog will find the wound or incision site very itchy and uncomfortable as it heals and the furs start to grow back in. Your dog will react to this itchiness and discomfort by scratching his belly or licking the incision spot to relieve himself. To prevent your spayed dog from scratching the wound region, you may want to get him Elizabethan collar. At first, he will find the collar weird and will try to remove it. But after some time, he will get used to wearing it.

How to Encourage a Dog to Urinate After Surgery?

After surgery, your dog is most likely to develop some behavioral changes like decreased urination levels. However, there are things you can do to encourage your dog to start urinating.  First, always make fresh water available for him. After being spayed, most dogs might become bored and lethargic about everything including going to the toilet to pee and poop. Walk your pet outside on a leash to urinate from time to time. If he’s a tiny breed, you can carry him around and stimulate urination in him. If these problems persist for 24 hours despite your efforts, you may have to check with a vet.

Can I Give My Dogs Tramadol After Spaying?

You can start giving your dog Tramadol as soon as you get home. You should administer it every 12 hours. If your dog is in pain the first night after the spay surgery, you can give him Tramadol every six hours. The morphine given to your dog for surgery will go down about 6-8 hours post-operation. Please note that we have some side effects of Tramadol which include diarrhea, vomiting, excessive sedation, dizziness, anxiety, tremors, loss of appetite, and constipation. Once you start to notice any of these side effects, please stop using the Tramadol and call the vet.

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How Soon Can I Walk My Dog After Neutering?

It’s advisable to keep your dog free from any form of activity for 24-48 hours after the spay surgery. Start with a gentle exercise in the garden. After this, you can take him on short calm walks around your house. Don’t allow him to mingle with other pets or children at all 24-28 hours after the spay surgery. Ensure that the cone is kept on him round the clock.  

Safest Exercise for Dogs after Spaying

It is very important to take things easy after subjecting your dog to a spay treatment. Don’t engage him in high-impact exercise until after 2 weeks. Once the incision site has healed, you can walk your spayed dog around and even leave him to mingle with other dogs. You can also give him chew toys and bones to keep him busy. Exercises like jumping, running are also safe for your dog in moderation.


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