When Should I Get My German Shepherd Spayed? Some Pros and Cons

For German Shepherd males, neutering or spaying refers to castration which has to do with the removal of both testicles surgically. For females, spaying involves removing both the womb and the ovaries. Spaying offers a variety of health, behavior, and lifestyle benefits for your German Shepherd. However, it’s very important to be well informed about the pros and cons of spaying for you to make a great decision.

When Should I Get my German Shepherd Spayed?

It is widely believed that female German Shepherds should be spayed before they lapse into heat the first time, around 6 months of age. Studies show that spaying your female German Shepherds at this stage would reduce the risk of uterine infection (pyometra) and breast cancer. Given female-based diseases such as mammary cancer, urinary infection, incontinence, breast cancer, etc., other studies show that 1-year-old is the perfect time to have your female dogs spayed. It’s best to spay your female dogs in the period between 6 months and I year to minimize the risk of common joint disorders.

A study conducted by the University of California researchers revealed that only 8.62% of German Shepherd males spayed at 1 year old got infected with joint disorders against 20.83% of those dogs spayed at less than 6 months old. Based on this study, the researchers said that the ideal time to spay a male German Shepherd is around 16-18 months, or at least one year old.

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Some Behaviors of German Shepherd After Neutering

Spaying German Shepherds can cause behavioral changes in your dog. German Shepherds after being spayed can become violent and aggressive towards people and other dogs. As a spayed German Shepherd ages, he is more likely to have brain disease similar to dementia. It’s termed geriatric cognitive impairment. The implication is that he won’t be able to recognize people such as your family and places like home. He’d also forget many things including all the training you have given him, like potty training. Spaying also modifies the sexual-based behaviors of dogs. As a result, they will no longer have strong sexual urges.

How Long Does It Take for German Shepherd to Recover After Spaying?

Normally, a successful spay takes less than a day for your German Shepherd to recover. However, complicated ones can take a longer period. Upon recovery, you will have to reduce your dog’s activity for 10-14 days. Within this period, you are expected to monitor and watch out for swelling, bleeding, bruising, or discharge. Your vet should offer you antibiotics and pain management and possibly a discharge summary.

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Pros and cons of spaying a German Shepherd


Spaying your German Sherperds prevents cancer and testicular tumors. Having your dog spayed also prevents your dog from having prostate problems as he grows old. Spaying is reputed to lower the risk of diabetes. Perianal fistulas can be prevented or arrested in time by spaying. Spaying also deals with dogs’ sex-based behaviors. When unspayed dogs perceive the smells of female dogs in heat from afar, they could do anything to get them like escaping from home. While trying to do this, they might get into dangerous situations such as accidents. If there is a need to board your dog, or if you want your dog to go to daycare, most of those facilities won’t allow an unaltered dog to participate in their activities.

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When you spay your German Shepherds, they won’t be able to reproduce. Recent studies reveal that spayed German Shepherds, especially females, tend to be more intolerant and aggressive towards other dogs and people.  Studies also show that spayed dogs are less active and energetic. Male Shepherd dogs that are spayed before maturity are more likely to have longer bones. This makes them prone to ACL injuries, elbow and hip dysplasia. Spayed German Shepherds can also be more sensitive to handling and touching.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a German Shepherd Neutered

It can cost between £110 to £230 to spay a male German Shepherd and between £154 to £397 to spay female dogs based on the general pricing system. The price of neutering your German Shepherd is not a fixed one. The cost depends on the dog’s weight, gender, and your chosen vet practice. It is more expensive to spay a female German Shepherd than to neuter a male one.

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